Sunday 24 June 2012

Prussian Army 1813 - New Recruits

Regiment of the Day

Early next year - probably around March 2013 at this stage, I am running a reasonably massive convention / public demo game of "The Battle of the Nations" - Leipzig 1813.

Running at 1:60 scale in 15mm .... so at best we can probably look at fielding around a Corps+ for each of the armies involved (Russia / Prussia / Austria / Other Allied ) ... with at least 1 opposing French Corps on each table as well. Should be massive !

For the Prussians, I am going to concentrate on Kleist's Corps for starters.

On to the miniatures then - here are this week's recruits for Kliest's Corps :

 2nd West Prussian - 1st Battalion.

Each battalion sized unit is anything from 3 bases for some of the more understrength units (such as the Russians and some French) to 6 bases for the larger battalions (some Austrian units for example).

The Prussians are mostly 4 base battalions (12 figs).

Each battalion will have it's own dedicated Battalion base, which includes name tag and embedded RFID tag to help with identifying the unit on the table.

Not sure what to call the 'Battalion Base' at this stage - looking for cool suggestions.

I like the sound of 'Launchpad' - but that doesnt sound very Napoleonic.

Maybe I should just call it a 'La Bricole' ?

Each 'Bricole'  has a fancy name tag made from a wooden stick, hit with some wood stain and fancy lettering using a metallic pen.

Not as readable as laser printed tags with colour codes .. but I think this looks a lot more period. I like.

I Battalion, 1st Silesian Infantrie Regiment.

Stretch out in line formation, with skirmisher up front.

Prussian Regiments of this period have 2 Musketeer Battalions and Fusilier Battalion,

The standard deployment is to have the Fusiliers in semi-skirmish order extended line up front, covering the 2 musketeer battalions in closed column (Prussian attack columns).

If the Fusilier screen was not available for any reason, each Musketeer battalion was trained to deploy the 3rd rank forward as a semi-skirmish screen.

1st Silesian, back in the more common (and more controllable) Closed Column formation, 2 companies wide.

A company of rifle armed Jagers, from the OstPreussisches Jager.

Right side up ....

The Jager Officer is a pretty cool figure.

In case you haven't noticed - these figures are all the 'small scale' 15mm Warrior miniatures. Their Prussian range is reasonably comprehensive - good enough to model this army on a large scale for a convention game anyway.

A couple of Brigade commander stands - each with 2 officers on a 30mm round base.  A 'Brigade' in the 1813 Prussian army consists of at least 2 regiments of infantry, each with 3 battalions, plus extra reserve battalions (incl Landwehr), and Brigade level Cavalry and artillery reserve. Thats a big Brigade - it is functionally equivalent to a Division in other armies, and so is treated as a Division as far as the rules go.

I still have a few Garde and Grenadier figures left over from the Army Packs - so throw in a few more Garde battalions.

There is no Garde in Kliest's Corps, but that is no excuse not to have some elite reserves in the Prussian forces !

West Prussian Garde.

.. and some Silesian Garde as well.

Weekend's painting effort.

Still need lots and lots and ... lots of these .

... actually not a bad look when they are all bunched together.

.. but I still need to multiply the above mass by a factor of about 8 ... just to do the Prussian contingent of the Russo-Prussian Corps !

And then there is the French as well !

Should be fine, mate.


  1. Hi
    Great contingent! The Leipzig game will be BIG. Do you plan to use your Empire computer aids?

  2. Hiya,

    Spot on there, its scary how BIG the damn thing is. Will see how I go getting the troops together. Mal is doing a great job organising everything else, so I can just concentrate on the modelling.

    Computer side of things - yes, absolutely, will be using the home grown system for that. I have committed 5 computers to the job so far, so each player in the game will have their own laptop provided to help run things.

    With something of this size (and using a detailed ruleset like Empire), I shudder to think how it would be possible to run it without a whole pile of networked computers as well. Looking forward to seeing it all work on the day.