Scenery of the Day

Scenery of the Day 

highlights specific pieces of game board terrain, and other 15mm modelling projects.

All projects in this section aim to use readily available bits and pieces,  easily obtained from your local shops, or recycled bits from the bin.

All scenics should be quick to put together, and have a total cost under the magic $2 mark.

Building these on an as-need basis at the moment. If you have any ideas or things you want to see in the future, please drop a comment below ...

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Spider Forest

Quick and Dirty Vauban star fort / township.
Cheap, flexible textured roads

Quick and easy battlefield bridge.

Le Farm - $2 farms from foamcore.

Terrain Tiles for Modular DBx Terrain.. Quick, Cheap, Effective - Choose all 3.

Barsoom / Mars HoTT Table Complete .. for now anyway.

Abandoned Cemetery
The Great Dedoubt
Battlefield Fire
Battlefield Signposts

Breaking the $2 barrier here, but its for a good cause :