Friday 6 December 2013

Russian Horse Artillery

Russian Horse Artillery 

Some Russian Horse artillery to go with my Russian Cavalry Brigades.

Figures by Lancashire Games, and the guns are a mix of LG's Russian 6lb cannon, and some Eureka Russian SYW period battalion guns.

Polish Hussar - 1813

Polish Hussar - 1813

Following on from my last post about the Russian Loubny Hussars .... here are some more of the same figure, but this time painted up as Polish Hussars in the opposing forces at Leipzig.

Thursday 5 December 2013

Russian Hussars - Loubny Regt

Regiment of the Day - Loubny Hussars


Time for some Russian Cavalry ... and I need LOTS of Russian Cavalry.

For the start of my newer Russian Cavalry collection,  will get into the Loubny Hussars for 1812+

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Russian Grenadiers 1807

Russian Grenadiers 1807

And now for something completely different - more Russians !

Another Battalion of 1807 period Russian Grenadiers from Warrior miniatures, shown above advancing to battle in 1-company wide march column.

Monday 2 December 2013

Russian Musketeers (1812+)

Russian Musketeers (1812+)

Another quick one .. some left over warrior miniatures later Russians in Kiver, enough to make up 2 battalions.

1813 Russians in field cap

Russians in field caps - 1813

Some later (1812+) Russians in a mix of uniforms and field caps, shown here advancing in Closed Column.

Picked up a few bags of mixed of OG Russians in field caps from the TMP marketplace. Ended up with about 100 figures in this lot.

OG always have a good mix of animations and poses in the bag, so they are quite useful to  create fill in bases to pad out a growing army.

Time to splash some paint on them and get them on the gaming table.

Russian Musketeer 1807

Russian Musketeer 1807

Another Battalion of the wonderfully formidable Russian Musketeer line regiments, shown above in 1-company wide march column.

This time in their earlier 1807 period uniforms, complete with regimental facings.

Japanese - Manchuria 1905

Regiment of the Day

Sort of Russian related -  here is another box from the cupboard, which contains a stack of 1907 Japanese to fight the Russians in Manchuria.

Figures by Irregular.

Russian Grenadiers

Russian Grenadiers (1813)

"Russian Month" is going so well, that I now have a significant backlog of Russian units to blogged about. A serious backlog !

Lets get rolling then ...

Russian Grenadiers for 1813.

Main differences for the Russian Grenadiers for this latter period are :

- Reduced unit size. Most battalions are now down to 2 bases worth of troops by the time they take the field at Leipzig.
- Reduced grading. 1813 sees the average Grenadier battalion drop from grade 'Grenadier' in 1812 down to 'Elite' ... not a huge change.
- Simplified uniform. All units in standard kiver, large but thin plume, and standard red facings.