Tuesday 3 December 2013

Russian Grenadiers 1807

Russian Grenadiers 1807

And now for something completely different - more Russians !

Another Battalion of 1807 period Russian Grenadiers from Warrior miniatures, shown above advancing to battle in 1-company wide march column.

Being from 1807, they have the larger Busch Plume on early style shako, and distinct regimental facings. (Pale grey green in this case)

Gaming Stats for these guys :

Troop Type:  HI  (Heavy Infantry / Shock Troops)

Grenadier / No Skirmisher

Battalion Size:  720 effectives (3 Bases)

Deployment :  150 yds frontage 

Semi Skirmish: n/a
Full Skirmish:  n/a

StreetFight Rating: Excellent
Poor Musket / Powder:  Minor negative modifier for all shooting

Drill Book:
- March Column
- Closed Column
- Attack Column
- Regimental Mass (2 Battalions as 1 single unit)
- Line
- Hasty Square
- Square


Attack Column

Closed Column


Line Formation - 3 ranks spread out over 150 yds.

Figures by warrior miniatures, cheap and cheerful paintjob to get em on the table.


  1. I have been off the blogs for a while, so just catching up on everyone's posts. These Russians look great Steve, hardly 'cheap and cheerful in my book, there is plenty of detail!

  2. Once again,. I'm a fan of the earlier Russian uniform!