Tuesday 24 February 2015

Battle of the Day - Lodz to Poznan mini campaign, 1813

Mini Campaign - From Lodz to Poznan - 1813

Area of Operations - Objectives

This map shows the layout of the critical objective locations (shown with the red stars), important objectives (blue stars), and the available road network with waypoints (gold stars).
This is a simple quick and dirty campaign, with 2 players :
  • Player 1 - in command of a number of Russian Corps
  • Player 2 - in command of a number of French units
Its 1813, the Russians are advancing through central Poland on a Westerly bearing.
The rest of the report is strictly from the Russian player's viewpoint.

Thursday 12 February 2015

It Is Done ! (almost)

Major Announcement & Teaser

For anyone that has been following this blog for a while ... you may have noticed that its been a long time between posts.

Not to worry ... :)
The last 12 months have been a pretty mad flurry of painting, modelling, photography, fund raising, rule writing, play testing and .... game development.  Albeit on the quiet.

I have managed to go through lots of paint bottles, knock a significant dent out of the ever growing LeadMountain, and drunk a tonne of coffee.

I am super pleased with the results of this, and I hope that you all might find some benefits in the finished product as well :)

Napoleonic Tabletop Miniature Gaming

A division level engagement in GrandTactical scale.

 So .....

In a nutshell, what I have been concentrating on is finishing off my vision of a Napoleonic era Tabletop Miniature Wargaming concept for the 21st century.

The original concept involved a computer moderated system of that uses familiar web technology to deliver a fast moving, multi-user system for tabletop battles. The 'rule mechanics' being based 99% on the Empire rules.

After almost 6 months of near continuous playtesting .. that vision has morphed somewhat, with a view to providing something with a broader appeal to all wargamers in general.

Saturday 3 May 2014

Smartly Attired Russian Cossacls - 1812+

Regiment of the Day

Smartly Attired Russian Cossacks

A Russian Army needs a good supply of Cossacks.

In amongst my parts box, I found a number of old Minifigs 15mm lancer types, which I suspect are Russian Cossacks.

Bit hard to tell, since this lot of figures comes from another ebay-rescue, with a bag of unfinished bits and pieces covered in a thick layer of flaking black paint and broken parts.

After a ridiculous amount of work, the rescue is complete, and I now have some half decent Russian Cossacks to take to the battlefield.

Friday 2 May 2014

Russian Horse Artillery 1812+

Regiment of the Day

Russian Horse Artillery - 1812+

New Project for May ... well, same old Project really, painting tonnes of 15mm Russians ready for battle, and writing software to control the whole game.

Thought I would start off a "May Day" Parade to try and get back up to date with the blogging and photography anyway.

So here we go .... welcome to my May Day Parade effort, concentrating on the Russian Army of 1813.

Will try and keep rolling through May to get all my Napoleonic Russians up to date on this blog.