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All posts related to Republique v5.0, Grand Tactical Rules for the Napoleonic and Revolutionary Wars period.

House Rule Modifications to Republique:
Whilst there is nothing actually wrong with Republique, I like to evolve ideas and aggregate rules where appropriate. There are some mechanisms I like from other systems that I find can be integrated into Republique without ruining the game. (That is a hard balancing act).

More details to follow, I will fill these links in as I go :

Command and Control mods for finer grained type of attack severity

  • Sabot Bases Mod. A simplified extension to Republique to allow stands of combat bases to be grouped on larger movement bases for ease of use and speed of play (and protection of figures). This has some minor effect on the rules ...
  • Die Type Mod. By changing the way that troop grades effect combat results - replacing the tactical factors for troop grade with a wider variety of die types, this mod should flatten the combat results curve and make the luck element a little less extreme. This concept works well with Stargrunt II
  • Deployment and Scouting Mod. See notes below about wargamerabbit's block movement system ... I can see that fitting in very well with Republique.
  • Turn Sequence Mod. An idea taken from CrossFire by Arty Conliffe. Get rid of the concept of turns altogether, and replace it with an action-reaction sequence that models the ebb and flow of initiative on the battlefield. Adds a lot of tension and decision making to the game. Works well for WW2 / Modern small unit actions .. can it work for Grand Tactical Napoleonics as well ?
  • Campaign system. Id like to develop an integrated campaign system that sits on top of Republique to model the events that lead up to a series of battlefield encounters. Such a system needs to include supply, weather, reinforcements, reconnaissance and economic factors .. whilst maintaining the elegant fast play simplicity of Republique.

Other things to ponder :

There is an excellent and very interesting series of videos here from

He has a brilliantly done series on house rules for Napoleonics, clearly explained.

Click through to MrPzDuke YouTube Channel for the complete series.

Anyway, I really like this idea of block moves for pre-game deployment and scouting.

I think a simplified version of the above would fit in very well with Republique, especially with the Sabot Bases idea defined above.
Feedback appreciated.

For more info on miniature wargaming, there is an excellent primer article here that explains what all this is about :
Miniature wargaming 101