Monday 2 December 2013

Russian Grenadiers

Russian Grenadiers (1813)

"Russian Month" is going so well, that I now have a significant backlog of Russian units to blogged about. A serious backlog !

Lets get rolling then ...

Russian Grenadiers for 1813.

Main differences for the Russian Grenadiers for this latter period are :

- Reduced unit size. Most battalions are now down to 2 bases worth of troops by the time they take the field at Leipzig.
- Reduced grading. 1813 sees the average Grenadier battalion drop from grade 'Grenadier' in 1812 down to 'Elite' ... not a huge change.
- Simplified uniform. All units in standard kiver, large but thin plume, and standard red facings.

2 Battalions of Russian Grenadiers form Regimental Mass from 2 Battalions.

Troop Type:  HI  (Heavy Infantry / Shock Troops)

Elite / No Skirmisher

Battalion Size:  480-720 effectives  
(2-3 bases per Battalion)

Deployment :  100-150 yds frontage 

Semi Skirmish: n/a
Full Skirmish:  n/a

StreetFight Rating: Excellent
Poor Musket / Powder:  Minor negative modifier for all shooting

Drill Book:
- March Column
- Closed Column
- Attack Column
- Regimental Mass (2 Battalions as 1 single unit)
- Line
- Hasty Square
- Square

Figures for these guys are from Lancashire Games in 15mm.

Paint job - pretty standard fare. Block coloring over grey primer, light wash with vallejo game color washes, finished with 2 coats of airbrushed matte varnish, and fine details in alcohol based metalics.

Vallejo all the way.

Lets look at some basic formations for these guys :  (Descriptions below the images)

Company Wide March Column - used for moving up into position.

Attack Column.

Closed column.



... now to get on with the rest. Dozens more to come yet, been just too slack posting them all.