Monday 2 December 2013

Russian Musketeer 1807

Russian Musketeer 1807

Another Battalion of the wonderfully formidable Russian Musketeer line regiments, shown above in 1-company wide march column.

This time in their earlier 1807 period uniforms, complete with regimental facings.

Unit stats for the typical musketeer regiment for the 1807 campaign :

Troop Type:  I  (Line Infantry)

Veteran / No Skirmisher

Battalion Size:  720 effectives (3 Bases)

Deployment :  150 yds frontage 

Semi Skirmish: n/a
Full Skirmish:  n/a

StreetFight Rating: Excellent
Poor Musket / Powder:  Minor negative modifier for all shooting

Drill Book:
- March Column
- Closed Column
- Attack Column
- Regimental Mass (2 Battalions as 1 single unit)
- Line
- Hasty Square
- Square

Attack Column.

Closed Column.

In Square Formation.

In Line Formation, being 3 ranks deep over a 150 yd frontage.

Figures by Warrior Miniatures, which has an excellent and complete range of Russians in early shako. Being quite simple figures, they work really well for Russians of this period.

Note the interesting command figures, which include a few extras like the sergeant with spontoon.

More Russians !

Hurrah !

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  1. Being a "color whore", I much prefer these earlier uniforms with their many hued facings to their far more drab successors! Of course, all my own Russians are painted for 1812 anyway...