Friday 6 December 2013

Polish Hussar - 1813

Polish Hussar - 1813

Following on from my last post about the Russian Loubny Hussars .... here are some more of the same figure, but this time painted up as Polish Hussars in the opposing forces at Leipzig.

Nothing much to add here, except to note about the 'estimate' of how the Polish light cavalry may have been dressed during this campaign.

Whilst using French Hussar figures might be closer and more accurate in some cases, I like the way that the larger Russian Shako/Kiver works to distinguish these Polish Hussars from the rest of the French Allied Armies.

Enjoy the pics anyhow ....

Figures are 15mm Russian Hussars from the Lancashire Games stable. Sourced through the same bag of lucky ebay finds as the other Russian Hussars posted previously.

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  1. I did this unit 2 years back as part of our Borodino project - they look glorious with the light blue shakos!