Friday 6 December 2013

Russian Horse Artillery

Russian Horse Artillery 

Some Russian Horse artillery to go with my Russian Cavalry Brigades.

Figures by Lancashire Games, and the guns are a mix of LG's Russian 6lb cannon, and some Eureka Russian SYW period battalion guns.

Here is a zoomed in shot of the 2 Eureka SYW period Russian Battalion Guns.

Note the unusual arrangement of the gun carraige, which includes some sort of railing on the left hand side.

This is presumably to allow the guns to be easily prolonged by musketeers from the supported  Battalions.

No idea .... but they do fit in with this lot nicely as battery level Licornes.

If you have a closer look at the helmets and shiny bits on these figures, you can see how I have gone for an overall matte varnish, but then applied some gloss varnish on parts of the uniform to apply a highlight.

The gloss varnish shows off the leather parts of the helmet, whilst leaving the plume in a matte finish.  Simple little finishing trick that (I think) works pretty well.


  1. Formidable looking; one can never have enough Russian artillery - I think their army had an obsession with it! :-)

  2. Ditto to Peter's comment: Russian artillery always a great sight, although I don't tend to like them when they are doing damage to 'my boys'. The dragoon-style uniform of the horse artillery is a ripper too, I reckon.

  3. Do you have any updates on the computer moderated project you were considering?

    I was considering a project myself and ironically it was based on either Empire 5 or R2E

    You can contact me at