Friday 15 June 2012

Bugle Call 2012

Bugle Call Convention - Adelaide 2012

I seem to have missed a few weeks of posting updates to the blog, so I now have a massive backlog of finished things to be posted, some updates on the computer development, and a tonne of new projects to get into.

Lets start with Bugle Call then ...

A gaming convention held over the weekend of June 10-11th in lil old Adelaide.

Well done to Martin from for  organising this, and it was impressive to see such a great turnout of displays and visitors.

I will keep the text pretty  small in this post, since blogger is really starting to bog down for some reason, and making extended editing very difficult. grrrr !   Crashed the browser twice already - annoying.

Mal Wright put on a great FIW demo game using Carnage and Glory II, and his own handmade terrain.

Back behind the scenes - a French field surgery doesnt seem to having much success :)

The scenario is a French force trying to prevent a landing of British marines in the port, who are pouring in to reinforce the beseiged fortress. Here some French Grenadiers advance to try and gain a foothold in the besieged port.  Excellent hand-made terrain courtesy of Mal.

French line advance from their protected positions to put pressure on the fortress.

Carnage and Glory II plays really well at this scale of game - fast and accurate, its a good solution for a game of this size I think.

A number of re-enactors were here as well. I saw Captain America, some Imperial Stormtroopers, and the girl from the cover of Incursion all wondering about the displays.

Eureka was here with a wide range of books, rulesets, figures and displays. Was great to (finally) meet Nic as well :)  Well worth checking out is the new range of SYW painting guides, Warlord Games books, and the Jurassic Reich 28mm figs. They look so much better in real life ! Recommended.

Big range of SotTR figures on display from

Zombies ! Zombies with GasMasks !

A captivating display of Bushido figures from  Looks like a really interesting concept.

Nice clean figures - very cool display.

A wise Bushido elder ... with spider monkey mascot, riding on tortoise.

Kung Fu nuns.

Must read up more on this system - I am really liking the ideas in these figs.

Especially this guy  :)

Good to see Incursion getting some exposure.

A DBA campaign was in progress, hosted by Group North. Excellent production values here, and backed up by what looked like a campaign manager happening on the laptop. Great effort from Grp Nth.

DBA is alive and kicking in Adelaide. These are all DBA tables playing out scenarios from the previously displayed campaign map. If you ever get a chance to go out there, its worth the trip - they have a huge hall near the military airbase, and are well known for being well organised.

The Federation strikes back !

Excellent fleet command module ... monstrously huge if you compare it to an Enterprise class starship docking below.

A demo game and figures from an expansion set from Warmachine.

There is a gaming group that meets in town on Tue nights.

Great job on these.

BattlePigs !

BattleBoars !

Battle .... thing ?

I like the treatment of the tusks - thats a good study of the colour transition. Well done !

Human hero to battle the WarMachines.

Lots of demo games in progress at Bugle Call.

In all cases, the GMs were friendly and approachable ... as a visitor and total nOOb to any game system, I felt very welcomed to drop in halfway through any of the games in progress, and get an enthusiastic run down on how the game works, game mechanics, etc.

More 28mm goodness.

Even more 28mm Goodness. Very popular scale.

I had to get some good shots in of this display .. enjoy the eye candy here.

Zeppelin aircraft carrier ... nice !

Giant ocean going sea squid

Thomas, Henry, Gordon ... and Sooty the Traction BattleCruiser.

This is of course a .... ah ... I have no idea. But Im loving the colour scheme. Brilliant !

Excuse my poor use of lighting in this photo - a quick snap of some Victoria Lamb Minis. Victoria Lamb herself was there in person ....

Quick fly back to the FIW table - a blurry action shot as Indians storm the Fotress walls. These are BlueMoon storming parties, another nicely put together work from Mal.

In the Wow ! Department - Nic bought along some of the new AB's 

Well worth getting. You now have 3 years till the 200th anniversary of Waterloo - so even if you are not into Napoleonics, you still need to get some of these and start painting :)

Excellent stuff. You wont believe they are 15s unless you see them in the flesh.

A last quick and blurry snapshot before the camera runs out of juice. Eureka 28mm Beowulf Saxons.

Hope you liked that.

Now I better post this before blogger crashes again and wipes out my captions !


  1. Another great write up of bugle call, thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like it was a great show!