Saturday 23 June 2012

French 12e Ligne - Wagram 1809

Regiment of the Day

Here we are with the last of the Republique scaling regiments .... gearing up now for doing Leipzig in 1:60 Empire scaling.

So here is yet another small group of French line. 

4 bases of French line, plus skirmisher.

Figures by warrior miniatures.


  1. Leipzig at 1:60, eh? Thought about doing that for 2013, but that is one seriously huge battle (duh)!

    I do plan on doing Dresden, plus some others - and that's pretty huge as well, large enough that it will likely be 1:100 or so.

    1. Ah, I will be having an easier time of it than that.

      Most of the people involved in the battle will be completely new to the period - with many visitors never having even seen miniatures before. So I can afford to be less than 100% accurate in the scaling or the Grand action.

      A lot of players in the game will also be walk-bys who just want to run a command for an hour or 2, to see what its all about.

      The idea is then to have a set of large tables, beautiful terrain, a few thousand figures, computer terminals / laptops around the table and lots of supporting material to make it welcoming for new ppl. Handouts, Video clips playing, and take away rulebooks and introductory material.

      Under those circumstances, I think I can get away with fielding less than the full campaign OOB, and still calling it 'Leipzig'.

      Its not too fanciful though - there will be 3 linked tables surrounding a central French position in Leipzig. To the North, the Austrian table with an Austrian Corps+. to the south a Prussian and a Russian table. Each again with around a Corps per side with a historically accurate order of battle.

      If I get time, I can also add in Bernadotte's swedes, and put in the opportunity for the Saxons to change sides on day 2 of the convention game.

      Each table fought in depth, with the idea of people from the public taking command of a Corps and trying their hand at pushing the French back closer to Leipzig. Each engagement assumes quite a depth of reserves for the next push. So everyone can have a go, and compare strategies.

      I could do the whole thing at Brigade level (1:120 or something), but I want players to get a feel for the whole column/line/square and volley fire thing - which works best at 1:60 and under I reckon.

      With the computers around the table too, each set piece battle can run in parallel OK.

      Best wishes for Historicon over there - and I am hoping that after you are done, you will grace us with a set of articles about how to put on a convention, lessons learned, etc. I have some great staff to help running this one here, but its first time for me, so I have lessons of my own to learn yet :)