Monday 27 February 2012

Saxon 1st Division - Jena 1806

Division of the Day

Today we look at taking all of the units so far in Grawert's 1st Division, and putting them together to see how they operate on the battlefield.

The whole Division together here - 2 fairly large infantry brigades of 5 bases each, a small light infantry detachment with 1 skirmisher, a big fire support base of 2 artillery units, and some very good dragoons round out this all-arms unit.

GM Grawert in command of the Division. Cumbersome command radius for this old-fashioned unit, not a huge imposition since the unit is not that capable of spreading out too thin anyway.

Infantry Brigade von Müffling - 5 bases (Hahn Grenadiers, Hohenlohe & Sanitz Musk.)

Divisional Pilsener still - essential for a Saxon unit's fighting ability.

I have used a quartermaster figure with a bucket, who's job it is to ensure that all troops receive an equal ration of Pils. "Ja gern - gut zur trinken" he says in a thick Sachsich accent.

Not to be messed with - 2 batteries of 6lb cannon, and 2 batteries of 12lb provide the main punch for this Division.

Lurking behind the main line - 3 bases of Dragoons.

Infantry Brigade von Schimonsky - 5 bases (Sack Gren., Zastrow & Grawert Musk.)

Erichsen Fusilers - 1 base

The lone skirmisher stand for the whole Division. Light infantry tactics not a strong point for this Division.

This way !

..... or

.... maybe this way ?


I was right all along - we go this way to Jena  ! Vorwarts - Marsch ! 

It was mostly the Saxon / Prussian forces under Hohnlohe that engaged the bulk of the French forces at Jena, whilst the Prussians under Brunswick had an even worse day to their north around Auerstadt.


  1. Great looking troops, love the beer wagon!

  2. Yep, the Divisional provisions are a definite Morale raiser!