Sunday 12 February 2012

61e Ligne - Wagram - 1809

Regiment of the Day

Today we have more III Corps troops - this one is the 61e Ligne, III Corps, 1st Division, which fought at Wagram 1809.

4 bases of line, with 4 skirmisher stands. Figures by warrior miniatures.

Something a little different with this regiment.

In the rules that I am using, French line units are either Green / Regular or Veteran depending on the scenario.

Now, because there are a tonne of French regiments on the table ... and they all have essentially the same uniform, I have made the veteran units stand out by having each battalion painted up as line grenadiers (red plumes).

In reality there would be a mix of grenadier, fusilier and voltiguer in each regiment .. but this method makes it easy to see what unit is what on a large and full table.

The other point of difference is with the skirmishers.

They can be rated as average or good for French line - so again I need a simple way to denote this in the figures.

For the better skirmishers I have a red over yellow plume, and use a combination of green and yellow plumes for the average skirmishers.

In reality the French skirmishers tended to use a wide variety of plume combinations, so this convention I have chosen here should look OK on a big table, I think.

One more regiment down.

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