Thursday 9 February 2012

Famous Archers

Horde of the Day

Its always useful to have a few extra figures sitting in the odds and ends pile to experiment with and try out new ideas.

This is a batch of archers that I have had sitting in the queue for months now, gathering dust, which I thought it would be time to finish off.

Picked these up on ebay some time ago for a song ... not sure what for really, but the price was obviously an attraction. Anyway, I thought this might make a useful pile of generic archers to make shooter elements for in any HoTT army that needs padding out.

Either that, or maybe put them back on ebay as painted figures. You can never have too many medieval archers anyway.

Jackie Chan and Derryn Hinch team up to here to unleash arrows on the enemy.

6 bases of loose order bowmen / shooter elements, on 40x20 DBx standard bases. Took the opportunity with these to use a few extras on the basing as an experiment.

On the right of the base is a small clump of army painter 'poison ivy' ... and on the left is some treemendous ivy (which is dried and dyed tea leaf type of things).  Both quite useful for forest foliage.

The tall Robin Hood figures are quite good ... many of them looking a little Erol Flynn, or maybe a touch of Paul McCartney in there as well ?

Some armoured archers as part of the Presidential Guard. More treemendous ivy on this base, which I think would work great on some Vietnam figures. 

The armoured archer is the spitting image of Russell Crowe under that helmet.

A section of short and stout archers of the woods, looking a little Leonard Nimoy to my eye.

OK, now we are getting silly. But a couple of these looked like the spitting image of Uncle Joe (on the right) and his Austrian protege in the centre, so the paintbrush just had to follow the mind's eye on this base of archers. 

Very much liking the treemendous ivy on these bases ... its available in a range of colours including greens, sand and orange-ish leaves for autumn, so I think I will be using more of this in future. A small tub of it lasts forever anyway.

Paul McCartney and Erol Flynn fire a volley of arrows over the head of Russell Crowe.

6 more bases worth of troops removed from the lead mountain queue, and added to the finished box. Done and dusted !
Resources for this lot :

Bases - laser cut 2mm MDF from East Riding Miniatures :

Spare odds and ends medieval figures (15/25mm) at bargain prices from ebay user Gradifan :

Treemendous scenics, and other cheap basing materials from ebay user treadhead2004 (Arcane Scenery)

Always had great service from all of the above ... recommended, A+++ and all that :)


  1. Thanks guys - these were much fun to do !

    Having a look through the Eureka catalog - it looks like these are actual Museum miniatures, from the medieval collection.

    Thats good news, because it means there are plenty more where they came from ;)