Sunday 12 February 2012

French Infantry - Champagne - Seven Years War

Regiment of the Day

Today we have another excellent French SYW regiment in 15mm. This is infantry regiment No. 2 - Champagne !

4 bases of line infantry, figures by warrior miniatures.

The uniform here is quite straight forward - all white, including white gaiters, red waistcoat (which you can just see on these), amd yellow hat lace with a black cockade.

Drummer in Royal Livery .. so man for man, these uniforms are almost identical to the Picardie regiment.

Until you look really close of course and count the number of buttons - Picardie has more buttons adorning the jacket, so I have 3 cuff buttons on this regiment, which my Picardie troopers have 4 !

Love the simple designs of the flag. Sometimes hand painted flags are hard work, but this was great .... and its one of those occasions where you can mix the exact correct shade of colour that would be difficult to achieve on a printer.

Very happy with this lot.

Unlike a lot of other nations, the French troops have natural leather cross belts and equipment. That can also be hard work finding just the right shade of brown to get a real leather look. 

In this case, I have gone with a WW2 colour - German camo pale brown, with a black glaze over it .. seems to work OK.

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  1. "A touch of the bubbly?!"

    I do love the elegant simplicity of the 7YW era French flags as well.