Sunday 12 February 2012

French Artillery - Medium Foot, Light Horse - Wagram - 1809

Regiment of the Day

Today we have a couple of batteries of French artillery to round out III Corps, 1st Division, at Wagram 1809.

This Division gets 1 battery of medium foot artillery, and 1 battery of light horse artillery.

For this battle, III Corps was strengthened by several elements from the Army level Cavalry Reserve, and so it gets a few more horse batteries than normal.

Here is the light horse battery - figures by warrior miniatures, and 2 figures on the gun base. (2 for light, 3 for medium, 4 for heavy batteries) 

I have used a shorter howitzer gun barrel for the light horse battery, just to show that it is smaller than a medium battery.  Bit of variety in the guns works wonders sometimes.

Here is the limber piece. Warrior do not actually make a napoleonic limber, and the AB limbers are much larger than the 'true 15' warrior figures. So I grabbed a limber from the warrior miniatures ACW set, and painted this up to match the French artillery equipment. Not strictly accurate of course, but it works fine on the tabletop to denote a light artillery limber.

The 2 batteries in firing position. Note the medium battery has a larger barrel, as well as 3 crew figures.  Will be need lots and lots of these, so something quick and easy like this should do the trick, if I ever want to field several Corps of French on the tabletop at the same time.

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