Tuesday 28 February 2012

15e Legere - Wagram 1809

Regiment of the Day

Today we have the 15th Legere, being the light infantry contingent of the 2nd Division, III Corps - which fought at Wagram in 1809.

4 bases of light infantry, plus 4 skirmisher bases make this a pretty formidable regiment.

Running a little short on figures with shakos and plumes - I have raided lead mountain for a few extra old guard figures, and painted these up as the command and carabinier companies to make up the numbers.

On balance, with a tonne of figures on the table, this should still appear historically realistic I think.

Plumes and shako cords - I am falling into a convention here with my French lights of having a combination a little unique to each regiment.

There are a lot of resources available detailing exactly who wore what, when ... so the reality seems to be that there were many variations  of plumage, cords and even epaulette combinations between units over different dates.

Seems reasonable to give each tabletop regiment its own slightly unique look then. Works for me.

Closing back into a tighter formation, the 15e legere advance towards the village.

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