Wednesday 8 February 2012

Orcish Riders and Knights

Horde of the Day

Some more Orcs finished off today - mounted riders, and chariots including the Generalissimo.

A pair of kobolds riding wolves - looking a little Hunnish in their Pickelhaubes.

Painting wolves is a bit more complicated than it first appears. They actually have quite a complex natural camouflage pattern that goes from dark on the topside to progressively lighter underneath, with distinctive markings on the face. Not something you really notice until you look closely at photos of the real beast.

1 set of riders for HoTT. This pair is from warrior miniatures - Dragon Fantasy range.

Couple of orc riders from East Riding Miniatures. I have gone for a different treatment on the skintone compared to my last batch - vallejo 70967 olive green base, and then stain it with 70828 woodgrain - quick and easy, and works reasonably well I think.

Nice dental work on both the riders and the wolves.

Generalissimo in Cart, with enthusiastic young orc attendant. Orcs are warrior miniatures, pigs are East Riding, and the cart is unknown manufacturer - from a set picked up on ebay.

Foraging for giblets in a nearby farm.

Couple of Chariots - classed as Kn (Knight) in HoTT. These are from warrior miniatures again.

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