Tuesday 4 October 2011

Russian Jaegers

Regiment of the Day

Russian Jaegers, 1805-1811.

Since there are so many small Jaeger regiments spread around throughout the Russian OOB's of this period, I am only going to post a generic unit here.

Uniform details and figure variety dont really change much from one battle to the other or one regiment to the other.

Here then, for your viewing pleasure, is my interpretation of a 15mm Russian Jaeger regiment, plus skirmisher stands ... for use with Republique.

Figures by warrior miniatures 15mm napoleonics range. There are a small number of poses in the Russian Jaeger packs .. enough to make them look slightly irregular.

Detail isnt too bad on these. Ive gone with Vallejo military green (70975) for all my Russians here, which allows a deep base to mix up or down depending on what you are painting.

This unit here is organised as 2 regiments of 2 bases each (plus 2 skirmisher stands per regiment).

One regiment has yellow facings, the other light grey-green facings. All have light green stripes on the side of the trousers.

Note that Rusian Jaeger regiments do not have standards.  Damn ! No flags for this lot.

Note the short carbines (or rifles ? - depending on the year). Nice little figures .

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