Sunday 23 October 2011

Brigade Von Irwing - Jena Auerstadt, 1806

Regiment of the Day

Today we have a unit of Prussian Dragoons (Medium Cavalry), from the Prussian Army of the 1806 Campaign.

3 bases of Dragoons. The Prussian cavalry were much feared by the French .. especially the heavier cavalry such as the Dragoons, Kurassiers and Guard du Corps.

Figures by AB in 18mm - some of the best figures in this scale that money can buy.


  1. Nice looking unit. I know it goes back to at least Frederick, but I've always thought the choice of Light Blue coats for Prussian Dragoons sort of... odd! Of course, Saxon Dragoons wore red, which is odder still!

  2. Yes, it makes them look a little Bavarian if anything ..

    The later dragoons (shako and long coat in light blue), do look appropriately Prussian, but these guys really do stand out.

    I have some red coated Saxons that I will be adding to the blog soon. And some yellow coated (and white coated) Prussian heavy cav from 1806 as well.

    Camera is running hot today !