Sunday, 23 October 2011

Canaanite Army

DBA of the Day

Today we have another cupboard discovery .. an early Canaanite army in 15mm from my long lost collection.

On to the Pictures :

Gratuitous old-skool music video to accompany DBA article ....
Whats in the Purple Box ?  A Caananite DBA Army from the biblical era. One thing I like about DBA modellinig is that the complete army can fit in a standard sized box ... so I have used a standard craftwood box for each army, and painted these up in a specific cultural theme for each one.

Lots of fast moving Psiloi in this army.

I suppose these are Auxillia ... medium semi-loose order infantry. Fast moving with a bit of a bite.

A camp element, being a temple celebrating the rather popular Canaanite God Dagon. Bonus - there is also a story by HP Lovecraft by the same name, and a rather entertaining film as well.

Chariots, Chariots, lots of Chariots.

More light Chariots. Im guessing that one of these is the General element.

Ah - MORE Chariots !

The Full DBA Canaanite army .. at the Rivers of Babylon.

On the subject of Dagon .. check out this video .. a fan animation that is very well done.

Which begs the question .... how much work will it take to customise this 15mm DBA army into a 15mm HoTT army - complete with temple, water lurkers ... an of course Dagon himself ?

Not much at all !  Added to the TODO list.

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