Sunday 23 October 2011

Canaanite Army

DBA of the Day

Today we have another cupboard discovery .. an early Canaanite army in 15mm from my long lost collection.

On to the Pictures :

Gratuitous old-skool music video to accompany DBA article ....
Whats in the Purple Box ?  A Caananite DBA Army from the biblical era. One thing I like about DBA modellinig is that the complete army can fit in a standard sized box ... so I have used a standard craftwood box for each army, and painted these up in a specific cultural theme for each one.

Lots of fast moving Psiloi in this army.

I suppose these are Auxillia ... medium semi-loose order infantry. Fast moving with a bit of a bite.

A camp element, being a temple celebrating the rather popular Canaanite God Dagon. Bonus - there is also a story by HP Lovecraft by the same name, and a rather entertaining film as well.

Chariots, Chariots, lots of Chariots.

More light Chariots. Im guessing that one of these is the General element.

Ah - MORE Chariots !

The Full DBA Canaanite army .. at the Rivers of Babylon.

On the subject of Dagon .. check out this video .. a fan animation that is very well done.

Which begs the question .... how much work will it take to customise this 15mm DBA army into a 15mm HoTT army - complete with temple, water lurkers ... an of course Dagon himself ?

Not much at all !  Added to the TODO list.

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