Sunday 23 October 2011


Tip of the Day

Quick tip of the day ...

Tired of having yet more little scraps of paper on the battlefield to mark the names and locations of Corps commanders ? Tired of having them blow around in the wind ?

Well, try this idea :

Get some small cheap picture frames, preferably in some ostentatious period style, and print out mini portraits of actual commanders.

The whole exersize of hunting for photos online yields a wealth of useful information on the actual people who led the troops on the battlefield. Not only a visually effective gaming trick, but also very educational. Highly recommended.

So I found these frames at the Reject Shop, and thought they would be just the trick :

Cheap frames with a pompous, ostentatious period style gilded edge.
Place these on the field edge next to each commander's chair. Gives a slightly more 'role-play' feel to the game than simple paper notes printed out and placed on the field. Looks good ! 

Marechal Soult takes command of the Bavarian contingent. Yes, its only a game, but we get so little leisure time these days that you may as well go overboard and really live the part. All we need now is some period costumes !
On the subject of period costumes ... yes it can be done, if you have the coin to spend.

Empire Costume for example, sells complete packages of uniforms for several thousand euro. hmmm ... would be tempting indeed !

Photos hot-linked from Empire Costume.

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