Tuesday 4 October 2011

Prussian 6th Reserve Infantry Regiment

Regiment of the Day

Prussian 6th Reserve Infantry Regiment

Battle of Dresden, 1813. Attached to the Russian-Prussian Army of Barclay de Tolly, we have Kleist's Prussian Corps, made up of :

Prussian Corps - von Kleist
9th Brigade - Klux
  • 1st W.Prussian line regiment - 4 bases Green
  • 6th reserve regiment - 4 bases Green
  • 7th Silesian landwehr - 4 bases Militia
  • Silesian Schutzen - 1 base
  • Neumark Dragoons - 1 base Green
  • 1 medium foot artillery
Prussian Reserve uniforms - a true can of worms if ever there was one. Excellent article HERE from the napoleon-series.org website that explains this can of worms in great detail.

I reckon I have come up with a reasonable compromise uniform here for this unit, but comments are always welcome.

Reserve Infantrie Regiment nr. 6

Figures by warrior miniatures 15mm range - I am using the Fusilier figures to represent Reservist, as they have a lighter equipment load compared to the 'Line Infantry' from the same manufacturer.

Quick and easy to paint, simple details. Get em on the battlefield !

Coats are looking a little blue in this shot. The command group I have painted in standard issue Prussian Blue (Vallejo DkPrussianBlue 70899 block paint - highlight in PrussianBlue 70965). Facings on this unit are dark red.   Jackets on the line figures are various shades of grey, mixed on a wet palette.

Reserve Regiments were not issued standards ... so the common practice was to make their own and bring these to the field.

There appears to be several 'Royal Decrees' issued by the King to take these flags down .. which indicates that these flags were very popular items. Perhaps.

Using some artistic license, I have gone for a Landwehr style cross with a crimson and white chequered pattern along one edge. A seamstress has embroided the words '6te RIR - Die Valkyrie' on the flag.

Zoom in on the image above (click to expand the image),  and you may notice a silver Landwehr cross on the finial as well.

I have taken a liking to marking the underside of the bases with some identifying info ... in this case a Prussian style flag, with the name of the regiment rendered with a sharpie pen. Having fun with my new gold ink gel pen as well.

Nice.  They should get +1 tactical factor for having such a nice underside to the base.

I have gone for a rough and ready campaign look on this unit. Note that the trousers are pretty much all different colours, some with stripes of various shades. Finally - using darker grass flock to fit in with the rest of my Prussians as well.

Enjoy !

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