Saturday 15 October 2011

30e Ligne at Wagram 1809

Regiment of the Day

30e Ligne

Division Morand, III Corps (Davout)

Fighting alongside the Regiment 17e Ligne, we have yet another French regiment.

The glorious 30e Ligne marches into battle !

Figures from warrior 15mm napoleonics. Pretty much exactly the same layout as the 17e Ligne the right. See that article for further details. French uniforms always look superb .....

Note that I am using the standard French company pompom colours to denote different stands within the regiment. Each base represents  1 battalion at this level, so in theory each figure is almost a company. Rather than do each figure in a different pompom colour, I figure it looks better this way to group them by battalion.

Valeur et Discipline
Regiment 30e Ligne 
Vive l'Empereur

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