Sunday 9 October 2011

13eme Legere

Regiment of the Day

13eme Legere

Battle of Wagram, 1809

III Corps - Davout
Division Morand

One of the more innovative features of the French army of this period is the extensive use of Light Infantry drilled in skirmisher tactics.

Each Division of the line in the Grande Armee usually includes at least 1 complete regiment of Light Infantry, capable of providing a Division wide skirmisher screen for the main attack columns.

Today we look at the 13eme Legere regiment - a full compliment of 4 bases (battalions) of highly skilled veteran marksmen capable of fighting in open order.

13eme Legere - full sized regiment with a swarm of experienced skirmish markers.

I have again used warrior minis 15mm napoleonics for this unit. I have gone for bearskins on the command group (to represent Carabiniers), which in game terms denotes that this is a Veteran unit.

Main body of the regiment advances in the background - here the skirmishers push forward, approx 300m ahead of the main body. That is the limit of how far the skirmishers can deploy from the main unit.

Using a mix of figures here - again, using an 'Old Guard Grenadier' for a Carabinier figure - bearskin with red cords and no brass plate.

Again, I have gone for a rough campaign look, using a mix of different trouser colours. I am imagining the Legere to be a rough band of brigands and cutthroats, who have ravished their way across Europe in the preceeding years. Various items of clothing and other spoils of war would have been commonly in use.  Note that some of the Shakos have different coloured cloth - the figure in the rear rank has decorated his shako with red cloth !
Dont forget to decorate the underside of the base - 5 extra minutes with some coloured CD markers make all the difference.

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