Wednesday 21 December 2011

Saxon Heavy Foote and Medium Horse Batteries - Jena 1806

Regiment of the Day

Today we look at the interesting mixture of artillery pieces used by the Saxon forces of Grawert's 1st Division, as part of Hohenlohe's Southern Army Group at Jena, 1806.

Saxon heavy foot battery 1806 - 5 figures on a 40x40 base, figures by Eureka miniatures 18mm Saxons from their 300 club range.

The gun model is a Eureka SYW Russian 8lb cannon, which looks suitably antique for this period.

The Saxon artillery was not renowned during this period for leading the way in the advancement of the art of artillery, so a hand-me-down from the rapidly modernized Russian artillery seems appropriate.

Medium horse battery - 4 figures on a 40x40 base, using a Eureka SYW Russian howitzer for the gun model.  A word on these gun models - superb !

I actually prefer them to the AB cannons, which are already some of the best you can get in this scale.

Full 6 horse limber for the medium horse battery - using an AB Jena Prussian limber.

Not sure how Saxon artillery riders would have been dressed, so I have played it safe with these and painted them as regular Saxon artillery crew.

The whole Divisional artillery lines up.

Excellent level of detail on the AB limbers .. they are not cheap, but for detail you cant go past them.

Hmmm ... must get around to adding some rigging to these harnesses I think !  Looks a bit odd up close seeing the horse at the front pulling thin air.  Don't really notice it on the table though.


  1. Nice guns and artillery team...

  2. Nice looking ordnance and crew. Your basing is very effective as well; much better than mine. I hate basing, so white glue and flock is about as far as I'm willing to go! :-)