Wednesday 14 December 2011

Bavarian Brigade Beckers - Wagram 1809

Regiment of the Day

Today we look at 2 small regiments of Bavarian infantry (IR 6 and IR 7), that fight together under the command of Beckers, as part of Wrede's 2nd Division at Wagram, 1809.

4 bases of line infantry, plus skirmisher stand. Figures by warrior miniatures. 6th Regiment is on The Right  (ie - to the left of shot), and 7th Regiment is to The Left (to the right of shot, with the flag). Anyone that has ever stood on a parade ground in the hot sun, and been given the command "Squad will face to Theeeee Left .....  Riiiiiiight Turn !" will know exactly what I am talking about :)

IR 6. Red facings it is.  Some confusion here over Bavarian facing colours - as the regiments were in a state of transition from the old regimental colours to the new. IR 6 used to have very elegant black facings piped red, but transitioned to red facings by the battle of Wagram. Ah well.

And joy of joys - Pink facings with red piping for IR 7.  Took a while to find the answer to that, but was happy to find that they were pink afterall - the best combination you can find on Bavarians.

And so overjoyed I was, that I HAD to take some artistic license on this unit, and have reversed colours for the drummer.

This is NOT historically correct, but feel free to take the same license with your own unit .. just be warned should the button counters take offense :)

Normally, drummers should have blue jackets with white chevrons running the full length of the sleeve.

In my miniature world though, GM Beckers won a game of cards one night at a function in Stuttgart, and being victorious, he won the right to wear reversed colours on the drums of IR 7.  Pink jacket with Sky Blue facings piped in red it is !

Another gratuitous shot of the reversed colours of IR 7's drummer.

The whole brigade in line of columns by battalion.

View from the rear. Note that IR 6 on The Right has some Line Grenadier figures in the front rank.

Flag for this brigade is slightly different to Minucci's brigade - the coat of arms in the center of the flag has a blue background for this one.

There are only a small number of variations in Bavarian flags, so I have mixed them around a little in this Division. See Brigade Minucci for more details.


  1. Hey, as Konig/Inhaber you're entitled to artistic license, especially for drummers/musicians!

    I hand panted a Bavarian flag once... and ONLY once, LOL - strictly commercial ones thereafter!

    Bravoure, Baviere!

    (stolen from the title of the pertinent chapter in Gills great book, "With Eagles to Glory")


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