Friday 2 December 2011

Pavlovsky Grenadiers - Eylau 1807

Regiment of the Day

Today we have a look at the astounding Pavlovsky Grenadiers, who fought as part of Osterman Tolstoy's 2nd Division on the left wing of the Russian army at Eylau, 1807.

2 bases of line infantry, figures by Warrior Miniatures.  Russian Grenadiers in greatcoats, with Mitre helmet.

Individual facing colours still apply to Russian regiments prior to the re-orginisation of the army by the Borodino period. The Pavlovsky Grenadier regiment uses red facings throughout the period.

You dont get to see many Mitre helmets remaining in the 1800's, as the bicorne and then the shako started to become more fashionable. The Pavlov Grenadiers however kept their traditions strong and wore their old Mitre caps all the way through the period. So from a modelling point of view, its an irresistible choice of subject.

Fairly plain on the details here, with the greatcoats - makes for a clean and easy build.

The folds in the greatcoat are deeply sculpted on these minis, and offer a great surface for the glaze to get into.

Likewise the the mitres - big surface area there that responds well to a little bit of shading.

The overall effect being a very stoic and Rissian-looking unit.  Now settle back and enjoy the rest of the video clip above :)

A special unit indeed, just begging for some detail work on the underside of the base. That reads, of course, 'Pavlov' in cyrillic letters.

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  1. Cryllic, eh? Cool!

    Gotta love the anachronistic miters, which the Pavlovs clung to right up to the Revolution in 1914!