Monday 5 December 2011

Austrian IR 46 - Wagram 1809

Regiment of the Day

Today we look at the astounding Austrian Infantrie Regiment Nr. 46, who fought as part of Nordman's Advanced Guard Division at Wagram, 1809.

3 bases of regular grade Line infantry, from a 'German' regiment. Mid blue facing colours, and helmets in place of shakos. Once again, I have gone for a special drum on this unit - painting the drum body in regimental facing colours.
Although they are 90% white.. the extra regimental facing colours on Austrian regiments does a great job of giving each unit it's own distinct personality on the table.

I have grown to enjoy doing these guys a great deal. Which is just as well, since there are hundreds if not more of these all-white troops to come yet !!!

A raven's eye view of the regiment, advancing into battle.

Another early version of the base undersides.


  1. Great looking figures once again!!!

  2. I've really come to enjoy painting Austrians as well - really easy - paint coot and pants white, stain with light blue grey, and paint crossbelts pure white again. Almost done after that, aside form the facing colors, which is the fun part - there are at least 16 different shades, and then you have the Hungarian units.