Tuesday 8 November 2011

Russian medium foot artillery - 1807

Regiment of the Day

Apologies for the short break in blogging ... has been a busy couple of weeks over here, including quite a bit of new painting. So that means lots of new posts coming up.

Today we travel back in time to the battle of Eylau, 1807 and have a look at some Russian artillery.

Figures by warrior miniatures from the UK. This set contains 4 medium cannon, and 12 crew figures.
The artillery arm has traditionally been the pride of the Russian Army.  When modelling the Russians from the age of gunpowder onwards, that means having lots of guns lined up at all sections of the line.

All of the warrior artillery crew packs contain 4 different poses, with 3 of each pose, so thats 3 crew per gun.
For medium batteries then, I will go for 3 figures per gun, and use the full 4 figures per gun for heavy batteries.  Could do 2 figures per gun for light batteries then ... although light batteries are pretty rare in Russian service.
Simple paint job on these. Im using vallejo 'model color' throughout, including the brass for the cannon. A final wash with 'black glaze - 855' works really well on the cannon barrels, darkening the creases and adding a sooty effect to the guns.

Boom Boom !  you can never have too much Russian artillery.

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  1. I use the same scheme for basing my 28mm artillery - 3 crew for 6/8 lbers, 4 for 12# ers. The Russians sure went on campaign with a heap of Artillery!