Wednesday 16 November 2011

Le Farm

Scenery of the Day

Today we step into our little imaginary shrinking machine, and scale ourselves down to battlefield scale - grand tactical style.

Lets have a look at building a farm that sits on a plot of land approx 400m x 400m, and offers defending troops some cover and concealment. 

All for under the magic $2 mark !

A farm area typical of Mittel Europa in the early 1800s - perfect for Napoleonic gaming.

To make this, I am using a 4" x 4" canvas board, which represents an area of around 400m x 400m on the table top. Really simple to make - cut a number of sections from 5mm thick foamcore (see CAD diagram below), and attach these to the canvas board using PVA  Simply add a roof, and some woodwork from small wooden offcuts, balsa, etc .. to make the woodwork on the building.

Leave that for a day to dry. Then cover the foamcore in a modelling paste - I use Monte Marte modelling paste to acheive a stucco effect. Paint the base, flock, and add any details. Here we have a small vegetable patch made from sand and flock. Ensure that there is enough room between the wall and the building to place a stand of troops - remember that in wargaming scale, this base represents a whole 400m x 400m area of small buildings, light cover, and some crops. Any unit placed on the 4" base is considered to be in light cover. Simple and easy - and you can build a dozen of these in a weekend, for under $2 each. Have fun !

A bill of materials for the farmyard. All dimensions in mm, use 5mm foamcore for the building. Enjoy !

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  1. Excellent idea, Steve!

    I might make a few of these scaled up for my scenery and terrain.