Thursday 24 November 2011

Prussian medium foot artillery - 1806

Regiment of the Day

Today we look at the combined medium foot batteries of a Prussian Division from Jena Auerstadt 1806.

Figures by AB. Both bases represent approx 12 guns of medium weight (6-8lb). Mounted on 40x40mm bases in this case. My newer guns are on 30mm frontages .. but these are fine left as is.

Stacks of cannonballs in the background denote 'Saved Fire' on these batteries. If a gun position opts to stay put and not fire during it's turn, it gets a saved fire marker. Whenever it wants to fire at some later turn, the effect is doubled. Nice !

4 figures per gun, denoting medium guns. On these older units, I am using 3 crew for light, 4 for medium and 5 for heavy. 

ABs are always excellent and lively figures. These artillery crew are no exception.

The gun models themselves are also pretty superb in this scale.

The very best models I have found in this scale would be the Eureka own-brand guns, which are even better than these ABs.

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