Tuesday 15 November 2011

Prussian IR 28 Malschitzski - Jena Auerstadt 1806

Regiment of the Day

Today we have the famed Prussian Infantrie regiment 28 von Malschitzski, which fought as part of Von Schmettau's 3rd Division at Jena Auerstadt.

Figures by AB, from Eureka Miniatures in Australia (local postage for me). This regiment is distinguished by chamois coloured facings, amd an orange pom pom. 

It seems for this period that the trousers for Prussian infantry could be any of a wide range of colors, from white to yellow to various shades of brown. I have chosen to go for one distinct color for each regiment in this Prussian force. In this case, a toned down pale yellow for IR Nr 28.

The AB napoleonics are excellent quality figures with a wide variety of poses, and the Jena Prussian range is no exception.
Note the use of powdered hair and long queues - still part of the Prussian dress regulations by 1806.  To the front of the column is 1 base for schutzen, should the scenario allow for Prussian skirmishers.

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