Sunday 11 March 2012

Battle of Jenastaedt 1813 - The Firefight

Battle of the Day

... continued from Part 2

The main French forces are now engaged in the pinning attack. Lets see if the attackers can hold it together, as the hammer of 1st Corps begins its general advance to assault the pinned French units.

Events on the Allied Left up to 1000 hrs :

For almost an hour, the Russians engage les Invalides on the left flank, maintaining contact with the French and drawing them into an extended firefight.

At the start the French were reeling from the attack ....

The French Divisional commander intervenes, and manages to rally his troops in this drawn out battle of attrition.

With the advantage of their prepared defensive position, and with the support from a battery of 8lb guns, les Invalides drive back the Russians as the Russian morale eventually collapses.

After an hour of engagement, 2 Russian regiments are now demoralised.
Events in the Russian Center up to 1000 hrs :

Lot of unhappy Russians falling back towards the Divisional HQ. However - no Divisional panic, and now the Russian artillery has finally moved up to within range.

Over the next hour, the Russian commander can pull his regiments back into shape, whilst pounding the French with his artillery.

Should be able to press the attack home again after a short lull.

Fate of the Prussian Advance up to 1000 hrs :

Remarkably similar turn of events for the Prussians. At first, the Prussian line regiment was getting the better of the French Legere.

As the firefight develops, the French restore their morale, and start to pour damaging fire into the Prussians.

The Prussian line falls back, shaken, whilst the attack is taken up by the Royal British Brigade of Foot.

The French make better use of their prepared defensive position, and with the assistance of another 8lb cannon battery, the Royal British Brigade of Foot are badly mauled, and forced to fall back demoralised with severe losses.

Over on the right, the Prussian Reserve and Landwehr are taking fire from the Grand Battery on the hill.

Probably time to pull back the Prussian Division and get that artillery engaged with our guns.

Rather expensive for the Allies so far, but importantly - because the engagements are at a lower intensity, there is no danger of general panic at this stage.  Just rather nasty attrition.

Within short time, both the Russian and Prussian troops can be rallied and the attack resumed.

The order has gone out for the Austrian 1st Corps to begin their advance. However - they have not started marching yet. Could be a few more die rolls to go.

If the French general knew this fact (that the Austrian command is fumbling its attempt to kick off the main attack), then a daring raid right up the middle may well catch the Allies unprepared, and induce 2 Divisions to break in Panic.

Next - the protracted fight escalates as the Allied artillery gets within range to continue the pinning engagement.

Continued in Part 4

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