Sunday 11 March 2012

Battle of Jenastaedt 1813 - The Bombardment

Battle of the Day

.. continued from Part 3

General Allied situation at 1040 hrs :

Over on the Russian left flank, the Russian artillery is now finally in effective range, and begins to pour fire into the remaining French artillery. In an artillery duel at around 800 metres, with twice as many guns, the Russians should wear the French down here in short time.

Meanwhile each Russian infantry brigade begins the slow work of rallying and getting their lines back into fighting order.

Slightly more complex situation for the Prussians.

The Royal British Brigade of Foot has collapsed, falling back behind Schimmelpfennig to see out the remainder of the battle from behind the lines. They have suffered nearly 50% casualties !!

The other Prussian regiments have fallen back, and are slowly rallying back into fighting form.

The advance up the right flank has stalled in the face of gunnery from the French Grande Battery. However, the Prussian artillery has now found the range of the French legere, and is starting to take a toll of their ranks with their firepower.

Time is on the Allied side for this engagement.

Meanwhile, back at Allied base camp, the bugle has sounded, and the order to begin the real attack is about to commence.

You can see some distance in the background, the French Grand Battery lobbing shells into the Prussian advanced guard.

The continued clash in the center, prior to Noon :

After some exceptionally good die rolls for the rally phase, the Russian line regiments snapped their collective heels together and reported once more for duty.

Since the whole Division was still on Engage orders ... forward they went, back into the fray.

Even the Jagers joined them this time, adding their weight of numbers to the firefight.  Once more the Russian artillery added their fire.

Position taken !  The French artillery is no longer a fighting force on that flank.

To make matters worse for the French, the Russians have captured a battery worth of French guns, and they know how to use them too ! 

The Landwehr and Reserve regiments (off screen to the right), have called off their lonely advance, fallen back towards their lines to escape the Grand Battery on the hill.

The Grand battery now concentrates its 12lb cannon on the Prussian artillery - knocking out one of their guns !

Undaunted, the Prussian artillery pours fire into the French legere, whilst the remaining infantry rally their ranks for the next attack.

The events of Noon :

A simple mop up operation for the Russians in the center. The remainder of the French artillery is routed, whilst 'Les Invalides' are further engaged by the slow deliberate pinning attack.

Having restored their troops in the rally phase, the Prussian line takes up the advance once more.

The Prussian artillery rolls some pretty poor dice though, so the whole affair is quite uneventful Likewise, the French Grand Battery makes a lot of noise for little effect.

Out on the far right flank, the main Austrian force advances forward in good order, much to the amusement of the inhabitants of AchtzehnHeiligen :)

Events surrounding the continued engagement :

Disaster on the left !  As the Russians are under orders to close with the French and engage them, avoiding close combat ... the battle turns into a general melee, leaving many on both sides knocked out of the battle.

French morale recovers, whilst the remains of the Russians are left disordered.

Another regiment of French move up in support, whilst the furthest regiment of Russians (now in the main streets of Jenastaedt), begin looting and sacking the town.

A fire starts to take hold in the high density housing project

The Russian guns now have an open position in the flank of the French centre.

The remaining French light battery is blown away ... along with several bases of civilians.

Fire begins to break out in the commercial district of Jenastaedt, whilst in the background, the bridge over the river is clearly visible.

On the Prussian quarter, the French legere take more casualties, and begin to melt back into the lines behind them.

2 fresh regiments of ligne, on orders to hold at all costs now make their stand against the rolling waves of Prussians.

To their immediate rear, Russian troops can be heard sacking the city, and fires to the rear virtually close off the escape route.  The engagement is turning rather nasty.

Next - the rolling engagement moves into the city itself as it takes on the main French force.

Meanwhile, the main Austrian attack has now sighted the French reserve forces on the French left, and the main battle is about to open up.

Continued in Part 5 with some conclusions, and even more houserule hacks !


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