Saturday 3 March 2012

108e Ligne - Wagram 1809

Regiment of the Day

Another unit for III Corps - 108e Ligne, which fought as part of 2nd Division at Wagram, 1809.

3 more bases of line infantry, plus skirmisher.

... slowly getting there.


  1. Fine looking troops; as I modeled my French Line infantry after Davout's corps in 1806, the 108e has been part of my collection in one form or another for almost 40 years!

  2. I meant to ask you about that as well - Ive noticed a lot of your troops have a decent coat of varnish over them. I have had nothing but bother with varnish coats over the years, so I am still looking for a combination of techniques which works ... and will keep working for the next 40 years.

    How do you go about preserving your troops in such good condition for such long periods ? Very keen to know more.