Monday 26 September 2011

Prussian medium foot artillery - 1813

Regiment of the Day - late war Prussian foot artillery.

Im really enjoying these 'true 15mm' scale minis from warrior in the UK. Crisp and clear and easy to paint quickly to a high standard.

This unit is the Prussian '6lb gun and crew' model, which actually looks like a British howitzer. Not sure how accurate that is ... but for the purpose of representing medium foot batteries in Republique - just perfect.

No specific unit in this case, these are generic medium gun batteries that can be attached to whatever ad-hoc battle group the campaign calls for.

The gun models feature nice big holes at the muzzle - possibly a little exaggerated on the sizing, but it does look the part and gathers the paint really well.

The crew figures are on the small size for 15mm, which again has its advantages. I have no problem fielding these for a battle alongside 18mm figures, and they would also fit in fairly inconspicuously with 10mm armies. That gives me the widest possible range of opponent players to mix with ... and that after all is the whole point of the exersize.

So no complaints from this quarter.

Ive gone for a dirty weathered campaign look with these models. Late war Prussians are there to fight modern no holds barred total war - not perform on the parade ground.

So there we go, another regiment of the day ... recruited from lead mountain and ready for the battlefield in 24hours.

The only downside - they are inexpensive, quick to buy from mail order, and they just look cool in a very Prussian way. The downside of that being that I have a shedload of them now sitting in lead mountain.

So my dreams of completing the Regiments of the Battle of Wagram 1809 take a slight detour. The dream now necessarily expands to include the Regiments of the Battle of Leipzig / Dresden 1813. Going to be needing some 1812 model Russians now in Kivars ... lots and lots and lots of them !

Vorwarts to the painting room !

Painting Details:

- Dark grey primer using Vallejo airbrush colours.
- Block in base uniform, facings, faces, etc using Vallejo model colour.
- Black boots, shakos and equipment
- Chocolate brown musket
- Vallejo black glaze all over uniform
- Vallejo brown glaze on faces and hands
- Detail work, metals

Light drybrush with grey over the shako covers is not a huge amount of extra work, and worth the effort in this case since the details on the creases of the shako cover is quite marked on these figures.

Laser cut bases 30mmx40mm from East Riding minis. Sand and railway ballast. Light stain with burnt umber, finish off with vallejo earth brown textured paint, and dark static grass.


Allied OOB for Dresden Campaign, 1813
East Riding - MDF bases

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