Monday 26 September 2011

Always check the rubbish !

On our regular midnight shopping run, we walk past a set of beachside apartments that is being renovated.

This is great, because the skip bins out the back of the apartments are always full, and their contents gets refreshed every few days. Sweet !

We are just doing up the studio at the moment to make some work area for a few large commission pieces, and so we have been on the lookout for some carpet offcuts to lay down on the floor. This is sort of to protect the floors, but also there is nothing quite like the luxury of working bare foot on a warm night on fresh carpet.

So anyway, we check the bins and find a roll of carpet about the right size. No idea what it looks like unfurled, but its defintely 70's styling with some sort of eyesore flouro lime green colour involved.

Cut a long story short, after we get it back to the studio and unfurl it ... I find that it is indeed lime green in parts, but also has this excellent almost fractal pattern of random swirls of olive green throughout.

So its in use in the studio, but not in the painting room. This one goes in the gaming room :

What do you reckon ? That looks not too bad at all. Carpet is great, because you can build up hills out of old books or blocks of wood underneath, and the carpet will bend to form contours. The old carpet is strong enough to hold quite a bit of weight on the slopes and still hold their shape.

That has just saved me a HUGE amount of work building modular terrain. And its seamless !

Closer up, I think it does a brilliant job of blending in the colours from unit bases - its a perfect match :

So there you go - ALWAYS check the rubbish, you never know what you will find.

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