Wednesday 9 November 2011

Storage for Napoleonic Divisions / Corps

Tip of the Day

A quick and dirty tip on storage for Divisions / small Corps.

For the DBA armies, I have these excellent little wooden boxes that are just the right size, and paint them up to suit the particular army. But what about the Napoleonic armies ?

See more details on the DBA boxes Here

For Napoleonic units, I need quite a bit more storage than these boxes allow. I need them to be stackable, and have the figures in them immune from shuffling about with movement.

For this I am using those cheap 5litre food containers for storage. Each Division (or small Corps), gets their own airtight box, which keeps the dust and cobwebs away. 

These boxes also have small ridges in the floor, which is ideal for storing bases of figures. 

Once the box is complete, I then use those thin self adhesive strips of felt to block in the gaps around each set of regimental bases. Works very well once done - you can shake the box around quite a bit, and the bases will not move.
And then the containers get neatly stacked on a makeshift shelf in the gaming shed.  They are translucent, so I can easily see at a glance what is in them, read the OOB stickers on the inside of the box, and then grab indivisual boxes as needed. Simple, cheap an effective !

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