Tuesday 8 November 2011

Austrian 1st

Regiment of the Day

Today we have a look at a couple of small detachments of Austrian Jaegers.

1 Base, 1st Jaeger Regiment, Advanced Guard Division, Wagram 1809.

Figures by warrior miniatures, UK. Only 1 base needed here for the regiment .. well, 1 base + skirmisher stand anyway.

Added a little Z-scale pine tree to the skirmisher base ... nice :)  Also makes it easy to pick up and move the skirmisher without touching the figure, which is handy.

Using the exact same figures as the 'Jaeger / Landwehr', although the different paint job makes the figures look entirely different to the landwehr units.

Hiding at the edge of the woods, the enemy is sighted ... the officer gives the command and the bugle sounds the call to  advance. Scharfschutzen Vorwarts - Greift an !

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  1. Although the number of Jagers in the Austrian army was pretty limited, I have to add another unit to my own forces - the Alban figures (28m) look especially nice. Maybe next year after the Borodino project painting is done!