Wednesday 16 November 2011

Schack und Krafft Grenadiers - Jena Auerstadt, 1806

Regiment of the Day

Today we have 2 small but important units of Prussians from the Jena Auerstadt campaign.

The Grenadiers von Schack, and the Grenadiers von Krafft.

A pair of independent Grenadier units, each of 2 battalions + 1 skirmisher stand. Figures by AB.  Being one of my earlier builds in this project, the bases are using a rather labour intensive method involving hand cutting MDF, modelling paste, rocks, and some different type of flock. I have since changed over to a simpler and more effective method with the newer troops. Ah look - missing a flag on this one. Will have to add that to the TODO list. Note the NCO figure on the end of the line with the spontoon as well- a nasty looking device that was mainly used to line the ranks up during battlefield manoeuvres.

Not overly sure about the skirmisher option for Prussian Grenadiers. The rules suggest that these earlier Prussian forces do not have an effective skirmisher capability, but I have added them here just in case I can get away with using them. Note that all of the facings are consistently red. Not too sure about the accuracy of this ... it is quite probable that they had facing colours based on the regiments they are originally drawn from, but in my case Im sticking to red for Grenadiers.

Having 2 small independent units of good combat rating like this are very handy, and provide the Division commander with some flexible options. They can be used as a screening force for a wide front, or can be used to plug small gaps in the field between BUAs and woods, or tucked away in the rear as a potent reserve force. They can also be placed in square to cover the flanks of the guns, or defend the Divisional camp. All up, a great little pair of units that always play a decisive role in the battles of this Division.

Grenadier brigades Von Schack and von Krafft, in line defending the fields leading up towards the Stadchen.


  1. Great figures, I do like AB figures!!!

  2. Yeah, its surprising really - they have been around for years, and yet they remain the benchmark for Napoleonics in this scale.

    Looking forward to getting into sculpting myself, and aiming for this level of quality many moons down the track.

  3. I do love these earlier Prussian Grenadier uniforms! I don't like spending a lot of time on basing either.