Tuesday 8 November 2011

Saxon 1806 Artillery (Jena Auerstadt)

Regiment of the Day

Today we dive back into some of my 18mm Eureka Saxons from Jena Auerstadt.

The artillery component of the Saxon Advanced Guard Division !

1 Medium Foot, 1 Medium Horse .. figures from Eureka 18mm range. Limber and team is an AB Jena Prussian limber, from Eureka Miniatures.

For the guns, I have used a mix of 18mm SYW cannon, from the Prussian and Russian range. This would be realistic for the bulk of the Saxon artillery to have a mix of imported or hand-me-down weapons from friends and allies.

Used a shorter barreled howitzer for the medium horse battery. A big long Russian 8lb SYW cannon makes a good looking Saxon medium field gun.

Basic colours on the Saxon artillery - looking at SYW resources, the Saxons favoured a red colour for the woodwork. I have used vallejo 70982 cavalry brown for the woodwork on these - as it gives a distinctly faded red paint colour, which I figured would be realistic in this setting.

Limber for the horse gun is straight unmodified AB, with natural woodwork, and green jackets for the riders and horse train crew,.

Bit of a quandry with the basing on these ... I have since switched to 30mm frontage bases, and 3 crew for medium guns. These are larger 40mm squares, which I am justifying on the basis that the Prussian and Saxon artillery were a little old-school back in 1806, and would not have drilled in the use of concentrated batteries. A larger frontage on these bases is therefore not a big problem.

The SYW Russian cannon - has a heavier gun carriage, and thick iron hoops on the large wheels. Makes a very nicely 'antique' looking device for this somewhat old fashioned artillery corps (by 1806 standards anyway)

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  1. Very nice; I really like the carriage color and the antique look pf the guns! The Saxon artillery wasn't too highly regarded, as I recall, especially compared to their superb cavalry. Also, I think the Saxons later switched to grey carriages, perhaps with the later French Alliance/elevation of Saxony to a Kingdom.