Monday 21 November 2011

Prussian IR 33 Alvensleben - Jena Auerstadt

Regiment of the Day

Today we have the magnificent Prussian IR 33 - von Alvensleben, which fought as part of von Schmettau's 3rd Division at Jena Auerstadt.

Another quick update for Regiment of the Day - IR 33 Alvenslevel takes to the field ! Figures by AB. This unit has distinctive white facings, and a white pom-pom with a red dot at the top.

In keeping with my other Prussian infantry of this period, I have given them different trouser colours - in this case Vallejo medium grey.
The flag for this unit is another one of those rare Prussian flags that has a solid background colour. In this case, I have used regular Prussian blue for the flag. Compare this flag to IR 35, Prinz Heinrich - which is the same design, but with a slightly lighter shade of blue.

This regiment here also has their own personal skirmisher stand .. just in case the scenario allows for it. Need to add a battalion gun models for this one - another project for the never ending queue.

IR 33 Alvensleben marches through the fields to join the rest of the Division. The Feldwebel brings up  the rear of the column, keeping those commoner misfits in line.

Note the long queue'd hair, with period specific powder to lighten those locks !

More Prussians tomorrow.

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