Wednesday 9 November 2011

East Riding Miniatures

Gift of the Day

Received a few new items today from the postie - an order from East Riding Miniatures ... Yay !

This is part of a number of presents on the way to kick off my 18th Century imagi-nation HoTT Project.

Most important ! DBx standard bases. Cant live without them !  Well, I have done pretty well without them for years now, but there is nothing like having a stock of DBx bases in the workshop.

I get all mine from East Riding Miniatures - consistent quality, fast delivery, great value. 

I also ordered some hexagonal bases as well with this order, for a completely different project. Looking at doing some very large scale 20thC / Modern battles in 2mm, and I thought these might fit the bill. They are probably a little big for that actually, but I think 25mm hexagonal bases would work 100% for 2mm moderns.

The 50mm hexagons would be perfect for 20mm WW2/Modern skirmish, and also for some sort of aerial wargame.  No plans for either of those 2 options yet, so I'll hang onto these big hexes for a rainy day.

Either way, its very impressive how far the bobby has come over the years when you look at a simple item like this  - precision cut bases, in bulk, ordered and paid for over the internet, and then delivered to your doorstop in no time at all. How times have truly changed.
Now, one of the good things about East Riding Miniatures is that they also do lots of unique 15mm figures - so when ordering bases, you can stuff the stocking with a few unique additions that are simply needed for gaming any given period.

In this case, I have enough small additions to the 18th Century figures to add the required flavour to the standing armies of lace clad musketeers.

I don't wont to give away too much at this stage (of course), but as you can see, there is some material there to cover lycanthropy, vampyrism, sorcery, voodoo, necromancy, communing with beasts, and other ailments that were all too common during the 1700's.

The grim reapers I plan to use for general purpose casualty / disruption markers. Cool figures, very good value, great service.

Not sure how these fit into the storyline yet, but how could any sane person resist hitting the 'Add to Cart' button when they see 2 x 15mm Scorpion Men for a mere 2 quid ? Thats less than the cost of half a pint these days.
And coincidentally, I drop in to the local to get some more Vallejo model color, not 2 days after posting this order to ERM .... and what do I find but a 28mm Scorpion man sitting in the reject pile going for cheap. Perfect !  Behemoth General, or possible Deity of the as yet uncategorized Scorpion people of the Black Sea ? Not sure yet, but they have to fit in somewhere.
 So ... thanks Tony, they are all great !

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  1. After many years of cutting my own bases as well, first out of Masonite, and then using a paper cutter and Artist's board, I too adore precut MDF bases - in my case, in the US, from Litko. Great product, fair price, and reasonable turn around time. Much better than I can do myself, that's for sure.

    PS the Scorpion men look... creepy!