Thursday 10 November 2011

Effective Battlefield hedges and stone walls on the cheap

Scenery of the Day

Today, we look at putting hedges and stone walls on the battlefield .. all for well under the magic $2 mark.

Whilst there are several hedge products on the market for reasonable money, here is an ultra cheap alternative :

Simply cut up old kitchen sponges and soak them in acrylic paints dark greens / brown hues.

Leave them out to dry for a day or so, and then give them a light dry brushing in lighter shades.

Instant hedge !

A closer view of the sponge hedge. Started with a light green sponge here, and just dipped it in dark waste paint. Worked out well for zero effort.
Alternatively, the texture is also suitable for making stone walls - just go for greys instead of greens.

A handful of discarded sponges, once cut up, is more than enough for a whole battlefield. Here the sponge hedges are used to deliniate fields in a populated region of Mittel Europa for a Napoleonic battle.

Living the good life down near a flash marina, with million dollar boats, tennis courts and swimming pools, one can easily find discarded offcuts of fake grass as well.
Playground of the rich, and not-so-famous. Some of the owners of the boats (and/or apartments_ are more than happy to leave discarded modelling materials laying the in path of unsuspecting cyclists.

Here is a section of discarded fake grass that was found cluttering up the bike path near the marina. Thought Id be a good citizen and remove the potentially dangerous obstacle, recycle, and convert it into something useful :
Rescued from the bike path .. a dangerous obstacle to the innocent recreational bike rider, now a dangerous obstacle to the hardened veterans of the miniature Grande Armee.

I hope the owner of the tidy courtyard or boat by the marina gets as much use out of this fake grass as I will !

For commercial grade hedges, I highly highly highly recommend getting out your credit card and shopping online with Arcane Scenery in the UK. They have all sorts of very cool scenery DIY accessories, a huge range of tools, and excellent fast service. Give them a look :

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