Friday 25 November 2011

Prussian IR 35 Prinz Heinrich - Jena Auerstadt 1806

Regiment of the Day

Today we have the impeccable Prussian Infantrie Regiment Nr 35, Prinz Heinrich, which fought as part of von Schmettau's 3rd Division at Jena Auerstadt in 1806.

3 bases of musketeers, figures by AB.  Pale yellow facings, white pom pom with a red ring distinguishes this regiment.

I have done the drum on this unit in regimental facing colours .. looks good to me. Interesting choice of colour for the trousers .. most of the references I can find to Prussian uniforms of the period have a wide variety of colours, from white, through to various buff colours, all the way to this unusual reddish brown.

Each of my Prussian regiments has a different trouser colour, so I left the brown for this unit.
A good view of the regimental flag from this angle - slightly lighter shade of blue than the standard Prussian blue.

Note also how the long queues in the hair are powdered as well.
IR 35 Prinz Heinrich adopting a linear formation to advance on the enemy.
Another rear quarter shot .. the Prussian army during the 1806 campaign must have represented an explosion of colour, with all of the different facing colours, pom poms and flags adopted at the time.

Great lively figures from AB, and always a joy to paint.


  1. Once again, I really like the earlier Prussian uniforms; quite a contrast with the rather drab later army. In my original, long ago French Napoleonic army, I also used the color of the pants for differentiation; first battalion of the regiment had white pants, the second grey, and the third buff or brown.

  2. Agree with Peter,
    I think the early Prussians look the business.

    Thanks for posting these figures as they remind me I have to track down this officer in my loft as he is destined to become an 1812/13 Saxon officer once I remove his head!!!
    Cheers for that

  3. Thanks guys. The whole Prussian army was a joy to put together .. its almost sad that this part of the project is nearly complete now. Couple of Divisions to go.

    I like the idea of slight differences to standard issue items like pants. Gives a little more flexibility to defining regiments.

    My Austrians for example - running out of ideas there. There are only so many subtle shades of white you can get away with :) Experimenting now with slightly different vegetation effects on the basing per regiment .. very pleased with the way that works out.