Thursday 2 May 2013

9th Silesian Landwehr - Dresden 1813

Regiment of the Day

Another batch of Landwehr ... another test of the varnish, and another excuse to make up a speculative flag.

Enjoy :)


  1. There's just something about the yellow facings of the Silesian Landwehr that makes them stand out in a way that the red, brick red/orange, and white facings just don't, eh?

  2. Yes, I like the way that all fits together.

    Actually - it shows off just HOW GOOD these modern acrylic paints are. Yellow is always a difficult colour to get it right with paint, as yellow paints tend not to cover too well. Using vallejo here - and its amazing how one thin coat does the trick every time.

    You want to have a play with the alcohol based metallics as well - they are amazing paints that end up looking like real metal. Much better than the old stuff.

    Ill start posting my Italians soon, as its the Giro d'Italia starting this weekend !