Monday 2 January 2012

Austrian Infantrie Regt 42 - Wagram, 1809

Regiment of the Day

And now for something completely different .... Today we look at the malingering hypochondriacs of the Austrian Infantrie Regt 42, 2nd Division, I Corps .. who fought at Wagram in 1809.

4 bases line infantry. Figures by warrior miniatures.

Orange facings for this unit. A little different from the primary reds, blues and greens for most of the other Austrian units. I really like the way the orange looks actually - this is one of my favorite Austrian units.

Down with Boney !

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  1. Ah, *this* is a regiment that I know very well. Doubtless from all those malingering hypochondriacs crowding my office, LOL!

    No... actually this is IR #42, Graf Erbach. It was the very first Austrian unit I ever did, circa 1973 or earlier, in that case with Scruby miniatures. It was actually one of the better regiments in the Austrian Army, and when I gave away all my Scrubys a while ago, it was definitely a regiment I had to replace; my current version is Old Glory figures. I totally agree about the orange facings - quite spiffy!