Monday 19 December 2011

Saxony - Erichson Fusilers - Jena 1806

Regiment of the Day

Today we look at the Erichson Fusiliers, which formed the vanguard of Grawert's 1st Division, under Hohenlohe's Southern Army Group at Jena, 1806.

Now here is something you dont see everyday - yellow jacket and blue facings. When I did my first Division of Saxons, I made a small precedent of giving the small sharpshooter unit a distinctive (if debatable) jacket colour.

Whilst this is terribly un-historical, I find it handy to be able to easily pick out the lone base of elite units in the storage box, or on a crowded battlefield.

So I have continued the tradition here by allowing the Colonel of the unit to furnish his elite battalion as he see fit. Col. Erichson - presumably of Swedish descent, has purchased for his elites some yellow dye to distinguish their white jackets from those of the line !

... And matching yellow lace (imported from distant Sweden)  for the bicornes to complete the elite distinctions. for his elite avant guard battalion.

The figures themselves are excellent to work with - certainly a match for the ABs in a lot of ways. Alan Marsh did a brilliant job sculpting the whole range, and Nic did an equally great job mastering the flawless moulds.
"Village clear Sir, awaiting further orders."

"Good job lads, nothing more to do here, plenty of time fore the French can march this far. We wont see them till we reach the borders of the Reich, by my reckoning."

"The woods are clear Sir, no Frenchmen in this area."

"Very good, push on lads
... we will teach this upstart Boney how a real army fights - what what ?

Just wait till that unruly mob of French peasants has to face our skirmishers ! 
Just the thought brings on a spleen !

Next stop - Jena."

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